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    Time to Find Inner Balance

    It has been a rollercoaster of emotion over the past two years, both in the best and worst ways. The ride has brought me back to my first and second loves though – books & writing.

    Also known as

    I’ve decided to change the tone of my writing here just a bit, so that it’s more for me. If there are people out there listening, then hopefully this helps provide a bit of insight or perspective going forward. If nobody is listening…. well, then at least I’m paying attention and that’s really all that matters.

    Here’s a quick breakdown of my life since my last post:

    1. Got a new job with a very exciting company working on a secret tech product that was launched a month after my start date.
    2. Traveled a lot in the first 6 months of launch, and well into the product’s life cycle. Work had me visiting countries I never would’ve been able to put on my “I’ve been there” list otherwise – Jamaica, Bulgaria, Austria, and Switzerland – oh my.
    3. Started making “big kids” money, if you will. Essentially allowing myself to get from living paycheck to paycheck and barely scraping by to having more freedom to do the things I want/need.
    4. Grew from a Customer Operations Specialist to a Program Manager and found a possible path that utilizes my perfectionism and organization.
    5. Survived 4 rounds of layoffs at the company within 2 years of working there. Each one a little more traumatic than the last, but it definitely made me stronger.
    6. Became certified in Data Analytics (never thought that would happen) and am continuing to pursue a possible MBA/Engineering Masters, but who knows what the future will hold.
    7. Currently looking for new, more stable, avenues of employment that will actually make me feel happy and secure.

    That’s most everything in a nutshell.

    The past few weeks have been particularly difficult as I have watched our organization stop growing and learning. It has become an environment where our product (which truly has so much potential) is slowly failing and will become obsolete. As a result, my job has slowed tremendously and I have realized one very important thing about myself.

    When I commit to something, I completely disengage from other parts of my life.

    This is not ok. I need to be able to balance personal, romantic, and work life all together. Without that balance I become incredibly depressed.

    With this realization in mine, it is the time to focus on myself and remember who I am and what makes me happy.

    Dear readers this is where I plan to explore my passions, fears, and life goals for all to read about.

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