Meet Reading & Inked

Meet the voice behind Reading & Inked

Hi guys!

My name is Katrina, and I am a 28 year old book nerd trying to make it in the world. I am currently living in Los Angeles, but always looking for a new adventure.

I started this blog back in 2015 because I wanted to express my appreciation for all of the amazing novels I have discovered and read. Books are my passion, and I wanted the world to know. Hopefully you enjoy my thoughts and enthusiasm… and if not, well then it’s just not for you (and that’s ok).

On a personal note – I love buying books and finding new worlds and stories to escape into. My days off are spent reading on the couch or in bed with a cup of coffee or cocoa. I seem to be running out of bookshelves constantly, but I was the little girl who grew up watching Beauty and the Beast knowing that one day I would have my own library like the one in the castle. Growing up my heroes were Hermione, Violet Baudelaire, Rory Gilmore, and Beauty – notice any trends here…?

I am currently work in the tech industry, so this has become my outlet. Of course I will always talk about books, but I find that my posts have been branching out. In addition to book recommendations, you will also start seeing more pieces on travel and maybe even a few real world advice articles. You never know what I might decide to share, so I recommend subscribing.

Why I started blogging

Growing up, I never knew anyone who loved to read as much as I did. Even within my immediate family there is nobody who is as avid of a reader as I am. I have many friends and family members who enjoy reading, but only a few who understand the need to binge read a series or rush to the book store to buy a book on release day.

I remember going to all of the Harry Potter book release parties, and found myself returning to Barnes & Noble daily when I discovered A Series of Unfortunate Events but my mom made me buy them one at a time. My first adult fiction was The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova and it provoked an obsession with history and vampire myths. However, it has always been a very personal journey for me. I never really shared this passion with others.

Then, back in October of 2015, I discovered the #bookstagram community. This was the first time I found myself surrounded (digitally) with people who were as obsessed with reading as I was. I discovered bookish candles, and specialty bookmark shops on Etsy. I would wake up, look at Instagram, and would essentially watch the world wake up with books. Everyone posted in their morning (for the most part), so I would read IG posts talking about how someone’s day or morning was going. There was something very enchanting about it.

The algorithm has since changed the structure of this community, but I love how many people I have met who are as obsessed with reading and finding new books as I am. Here I am though! Somewhere along the way I found my voice. I love talking about books. Most of my reviews will be pretty superficial in terms of plot points or explaining characters. This is partly a fear of spoiling a book for anyone, and partly because my love for books comes out with a very child-like enthusiasm…. and I wasn’t an English major so I don’t consider myself someone who should be dissecting plot points.

Everything you will read about books is entirely from the heart and genuine.

These are a few of my favorite things….

Disney | Harry Potter | Food | Bookstores | Volleyball

Best Book Genres (in my opinion)

Young Adult | Historical Fiction | Fantasy | Autobiographies | Contemporary Fiction