Women Who Inspire

This past week I discovered the new Netflix series, Chelsea.

For those of you who are not aware, Chelsea Handler is a comedian who used to host a show for E! News, has written numerous best selling novels, and has just started her latest
endeavor, Chelsea, on Netflix. More importantly, she is a woman who speaks her mind and is not afraid of how others react. This makes her newest show Chelsea truly remarkable because Netflix has given her (what seems to be) complete freedom with her choice of content.

Having just binge watched the beginning of the series, I started to notice how many women she brings onto the show. I began listening to the content and finding myself inspired by so many strong female voices that range from actresses to comedians to teachers and pretty much everything in between.

I started thinking back to my childhood and the female role models that I had surrounding me. Growing up we lived relatively far from any family, and most of the kids I went to school with were into things that I did not find very interesting (ex: drinking, drugs, ect.). I pretty much only read books that were for school, and very few of those were written or about women. So, it was mostly just my mom who was my role model.

Now, please do not get me wrong. My mother is an amazing person and someone who has instilled in me a strength that I am just now beginning to comprehend, but I believe there is something to be said
about discovering and being aware of different voices and different perspectives. It gives us the ability to learn from a large variety of mistakes and to listen to stories of those who have experiences that may differ greatly from our own.

Isn’t that why we read? We read so that we can go on as many adventures as possible because travel is expensive, and at some point we have to pay bills. Why is it that we don’t surround ourselves with more influential voices, voices that we are interested in and would like to seek understanding from. This doesn’t have to be just women, but for my personal journey I am focusing on women because I feel there has been a void in my life where female influences should be.

So, this section of my blog will be about women who inspire me. This may not all be pretty. There is still discovery from women who I don’t agree with. But, the point of these pieces is to discover other women’s journeys. I want to learn from women who have had different experiences than mine and learn from the differences, as well as the similarities. Most of this content will be from books or audiobooks that I have found, but there will be pieces about women that I simply decide to research.

If you are like me and find that you would like greater exposure to strong women of influence, stay tuned for this personal exploration. And if you have suggestions for books or content, please let me know.